Solutions delivers a scalable, secure, automated and hybrid solution for your PHP, Javascript and Atlassian applications.


We provide you the flexibility to combine your preferred cloud infrastructure providers (like Amazon AWS) and existing on-premise hosting infrastructure in the ratio best suited for your applications.


In a multi-cloud environment, you can rapidly provision infrastructure and apps, increase scalability, reduce costs, improve efficiency through automation and virtualisation. provides simplicity, security, governance, and control to support your web software and business goals.





The best solution for supported and managed cloud hosting for PHP, JavaScript and Atlassian applications.


On any public cloud infrastructure or on-premise, we help you manage your modern application infrastructure.

  • Continuos integration/deployment, Docker Engine will run your containerized applications orchestrated with open source Kubernetes. Blue-Green and Canary deploy, backup and disaster recovery capabilities on scalable infrastructures.
  • Infrastructure as a code, open source Terraform orchestrates the main technologies used to provide IAAs services.
  • Configuration management, Ansible, a simple, consistent, reliable and secure way to manage the whole environment.
  • Etcd and Vault secure, store and tightly control access to tokens, passwords, certificates and API keys.
  • OS Linux will provide application deployment, automation, security, reliability and scalability.

Our solutions are always open and transparent. This means no vendor lock-in. You can even effectively manage your multi-cloud environment across multiple cloud providers. The foundation is based on open source software coupled with automated operations so that the infrastructure won't be dependent on a single provider.